A note of gratitude from Step together16-09-2020
Greetings from Step Together,
On behalf of the administration and staff of Step Together Association, I would like to thank you for reaching out to help us in times of need. Your recommendation of Mr. Ghassan Afram was a God send. His dedication and support made it possible for us to tackle Covid-19 heads on. His valuable advice and close monitoring of the situation were the reason the virus was swiftly contained and we were able to prevent its spreading to the rest of the team.
Step Together’s mission is dedicated to caring for individuals with special needs on all levels, educationally, therapeutically, psychologically and socially; and  we hope our collaboration would continue for a better and safer future for our community in general and Step Together in particular. 
Thank you again for the greatly appreciated and highly valued assistance and support.

On Behalf of Dr. Reem Mouawad,
Chairperson & School Principal